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Arthouse Foundation Announces Selected Artists for 2018

The Arthouse Foundation, the non-profit artist residency programme in Lagos, Nigeria, is pleased to announce the selected artists for 2018: Ines Valle, Kitso Lynn Lelliott, Oathman (Native) Maqari, Mukhtara Yusuf, Ngozi Schommers, and the Goethe Insitut Residency Exchange Programme.

The Arthouse Foundation provides artists live/work space and logistical support for the creation of a new artistic project during a three-month residency in Lagos, along with participation in public programmes and a final exhibition.

The Arthouse Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to encourage the creative development of contemporary art in Nigeria. Through a residency-based program, the Arthouse Foundation provides a platform for artists to expand their practice and experiment with new art forms and ideas.


Ines Valle Ines Valle is a Portuguese/Angolan artist, curator and researcher who focuses on issues of memory, colonization and architecture that spark transcultural narratives. Valle’s project in Lagos looks at architecture in Lago’s Brazilian Quarters, incorporating video, photography and sound. Beginning the project in 2014 in Nigeria, the project connects architectural heritage with personal stories, sharing the stages, smells, and colors from these transatlantic narratives. Valle is currently obtaining her MA in Postcolonial Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London. She holds a BA in Visual Arts and an MA in Curatorial Studies from the University of Lisbon.

Kitso Lynn Lelliott Kitso Lynn Lelliott is a artist from Botswana living in South Africa who explores articulations from spaces beyond epistemic power, often times working in site-specific installations. Her work has engaged socio-cultural formations that took shape over the Atlantic during the African slave trade. Lelliott’s project in Lagos will use video to experiment with the idea of traces. Lelliott is currently finishing her PhD at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. She has completed artist residencies at Asiko Art School (Senegal), Saint Louis (Senegal), the University of Bayreuth (Germany) and Sacatar Foundation (Brazil). Lelliott was a laureate of the French Institut 2015 Visas pour la création grant and exhibited in Bamako Encounters 2015.

Oathman (Native) Maqari Born in Zaria, Nigeria in based in Paris, France, Oathman (Native) Maqari is a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans video, installation, performance, painting and drawing. His recent projects have united performance and video to create in situ videos, with live performances at the Villa Medici in Rome, Palazzo Lenzi in Florence and Maison des Arts in Paris in 2017. Maqari’s project in Lagos centers around the historical, economic and sociopolitical significance of the indigo pigment in Northern Nigeria, particularly in Kano and Zaria. Maqari has completed artists residencies at the Jannat El Arif Foundation in Algeria, La Maska Foundation in Geres, France, and Villa Medici in Rome.

Mukhtara Yusuf Mukhtara Yusuf is a Nigerian artist based in the United States, who works in social sculpture and installation. Her work explores topics surrounding African identity, selfhood, political injustice, personal trauma and healing. Her work often uses found materials to engage cultural history and relay narrative. Her project in Lagos is an interactive installation that evokes a speculative future Lagos. Using found materials such as man made environments, waste and natural plants, she will dream of the urban landscape of Lagos’ future and address class and infrastructural issues. Mukhtara received an MA in Communications, Culture, Media from the University of California, San Diego and a BA from Dartmouth College.

Ngozi Schommers Ngozi Schommers is a Nigerian artist who addresses issues of migration, politics, religion, identity and gender. Her work focuses on experiences of women from Africa, interweaving with her own family history. Recent projects have included her collages made with confetti and charcoal drawings and installations. Schommers' project in Lagos examines contemporary female identity in Nigeria, exploring notions of womanhood, motherhood and stigmatism in modern spaces. Her project will look at roles within social and cultural systems, such as sexuality, social behaviors and domestic roles, and how social stigmas interfere with personal choices and career. Schommers graduated from Yaba College of Technology. Her work is currently exhibited in a group exhibition at the Kunstalle Bremmen in Germany.

Goethe Institut Exchange Programme Folllowing our residency exchange programme with the Matadero Museum in Madrid in 2017, the Arthouse Foundation is pleased to partner with the Goethe Institut to offer a residency exchange programme between Nigerian and German artists in 2018. As part of this residency exchange, two German artists will be invited to Lagos for a residency in six week sessions, as well as a Nigerian artist to Berlin. Details will be announced soon.

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