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Senate, Are You a Rotten Head? (Maanifesito IV): Performance by Jelili Atiku

The Arthouse Foundation hosted a performance by artist-in-resident Jelili Atiku on Thursday, November 3, 2016 at the Arthouse Foundation’s headquarters on Norman Williams Street, Ikoyi. Titled Senate, Are You a Rotten Head? (Maanifesito IV), Atiku enacted a professional performance in reaction to the prevailing political circumstances in Nigeria, in particular the issue of “budget padding” that symbolizes the prevalence of fraud and corruption practices in Nigeria. Performed with Durodola Yusuf and Babatunde Olumide Elufidipe, Atiku's project at the Arthouse Foundation imagines a fictional political party, the People’s Welfare Party (PWP) as he makes interventions in the political discourse in Nigeria.

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