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Arthouse Foundation Recipient Victoria Udondian Receives MFA from Columbia University, New York

The Arthouse Foundation congratulates artist Victoria Udondian on her graduation from the MFA programme at Columbia University, New York. The Arthouse Foundation helped to support Udondian's two year graduate programme, following its mission to support Nigerian artists with international projects and exchanges abroad.

Victoria Udondian combines used fabrics and second hand clothes to create installations, sculptures, and canvases that speak cultural identity and overlapping histories. Her projects explore how textiles illuminate the social and political structures of local environments, particularly focusing on the history of textiles in Nigeria. By researching the cultural, economic, and geographic implications of used fabrics, Udondian points to both local consumption and the global industrial framework that the products derive. Victoria Udondian is currently enrolled as an MFA candidate at Columbia University in New York. Udondian graduated from the University of Uyo (Nigeria) in 2004 with a concentration in painting. She was the Winner-Outstanding Production at the National Art Competition in 2013.

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